• Nideesh Dileep

Cotton Because

It started with an idea, an idea that's meant to change the world one t-shirt at a time.

Ideas are what makes the world what it is. We believe in a key word, AWARE.






The idea was to spread awareness because, sometimes, awareness goes a long way. When you're aware of the issues at hand, you often think twice before you waste water, or use more tissues than needed. This makes people more willing to make a change. They become willing to move from their comfort zone, and try to make the uncomfortable, more comfortable.

When there's willingness, there's action. You take the action to make the change. Slowly, over time, you stop throwing trash on the roadside, switch to not using straws, and bit by bit, you change your actions to benefit your environment.

You begin to take responsibility for your actions, consciously and subconsciously, you make changes for every single action of yours. You take the responsibility to even educate others. Because, education thrives where donations and charitable activities don't. When you educate the crowd on the adverse effects of your actions, they become AWARE.

We believe that through our t-shirts, we can educate and bring the society to be more AWARE.

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